Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Help! I got sucked into Intergalactic Social Space!

Hi you guys! How’s it going? My brain feels as fried as a crunchy crater tot. Today I got sucked into the deep-space void that is the Intergalatic Social Space — for HOURS. It’s kind of like your Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook, all smashed into one crazy, busy, wacko network.

It must be a slow day for the bad dudes of the galaxy because this morning #BadGuySelfie was trending. And all the weirdos out there got into the action. I couldn’t stop scrolling through all the photos. It seems like space cretins love to show off their best — no, worst — sides. Check them out:

Creepy bad guy selfies from Galactic Hot Dogs!

That’s Bic Vasterdly on the top left. Bounty hunter. Kind of scares the whats out of me. Next to him is General Krax Von Grumble. He’s one of Queen Dagger’s main bad guys. And yeah, that’s the Queen on the bottom left. Being evil and all, she had to get in on the hashtag. That last one is another bounty hunter named Jae Falcon. Kind of looks like a cute little kitty, if you squint real hard. But there’s nothing cute about that dude.

I finally tore my eyeballs away from the stinkin’ selfies of terror and got lost in the video channel. Aliens have posted some sick mutant worm wrestling videos! Speaking of videos, did you know I’m in a few? Yeah, seriously. Me! Check this one out:

Pretty cool, huh?

Ugh, I gotta sign off. Princess Dagger is bugging me because she wants to watch this show called Royalton Mansion. It’s a drama-type show about a royal alien family and their servants. It can get a little dull for me, but Dags loves it, along with pretty much every other teen alien girl and adult female in the galaxy.

See you tomorrow when get into the next chapter of Galactic Hot Dogs. Just wait until you see what I come face-to-face with in the Lost Triangle! YIKES!

Stay awesome,