Monday, February 9, 2015

What will we find in the Lost Triangle?

Hey everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was filled with video gaming, hot dog selling, and even some reading on a beach. We had a wicked successful day selling dogs on Saturday, so we all chilled out on the second moon of Zantar yesterday. Princess Dagger got a sunburn, though. I hope she doesn’t drag us back to the mall for more SPF 1000 sunscreen! Bones. That would stink.

Okay, back to the reading marathon! Today we’re going to read Chapter 7: The Lost Triangle. We found Humphree’s old pirate band and now we’re off in search of treasure! But the pirate band was beeping out a distress signal. Why? What will we find there? Will there be anyone — or anything — waiting for us? Time to find out

Oh, and I have something funny for you: I dug up this old illustration of me, Humps, Dags, Goober, and F.R.E.D. This is before the book's artists knew what we really looked like. Check it out:

Old, unpublished drawing of Galactic Hot Dogs characters

Me with brown hair. Totally weird. And Humps has a tail! HA! He was NOT impressed by that, let me tell you. “What kind of alien did that artist think I was?” Humphree grumbled. “A green-tailed Tronkle? That’s completely different from a Bronkle!” Humps definitely likes how we turned out in the book a lot better!

Have a galactically great day you guys,